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[Link] Art & Language – Conceptual Art, Mirrors and Selfies | TateShots
[Link] Maggi Hambling’s Habit of Subverting Expectations
[Link] John Baldessari – Pure Beauty | Tate
[Link] Bedwyr Williams on The Starry Messenger at the Welsh Pavilion,
[Link] Artist Callum Innes – ‘I’m Curious About Colour’ | TateShots
[Link] Gustav Metzger – Auto-Destructive Art | TateShots
[Link] Richard Tuttle Interview: Artists Are Like Clouds
[Link] Luc Tuymans – Studio Visit
[Link] Luc Tuymans: ‘The first three hours of painting are like hell

[Link] Sean Scully: Why this, not that
[Link] Kurt Schwitters Documentary
[Link] Pavel Buchler – Forming the Reformed
[Link] Samuel Beckett – Documentary
[Link] Samuel Beckett ‘Not I’ (1973)
[Link] Dada – Europe after the rain
[Link] Inside New York’s Art World: Rauschenburg and Leo Castelli, 1977
[Link] Andy Warhol Documentary Film
[Link] The Incredible, Indelible, Magical, Physical, Mystery Trip 1973
[Link] Keith Haring Documentary
[Link] In Search of Moebius (BBC 4 Documentary)
[Link] William Eggleston – Imagine Documentary
[Link] Marcel Duchamp – In His Own Words
[Link] Walter Kershaw Documentary
[Link] (Henry Darger) The Realms of the Unreal (Jessica Yu) – 2004
[Link] Here is always somewhere else (Bas Jan Ader Documentary)
[Link] Paul McCarthy: “Painter” (1995)
[Link] The Challenge: A tribute to Modern Art
[Link] Pretty As A Picture – The Art Of David Lynch – 1997
[Link] Samuel Beckett: Quad I+II (play for TV)
[Link] What makes art valuable BBC Documentary
[Link] The Rothko Conspiracy – Suicide & Scams In The Art World (1983)
[Link] Henri Rousseau – The Power of Art
[Link] Vermeer: Master of Light
[Link] Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? – Noam Chomsky

[Link] Richard Tuttle at Chelsea College of Arts, London
[Link] TEDxBrooklyn- Callie Curry aka Swoon
[Link] Tracey Emin Artist Talk at MCA
[Link] Robert Pfaller: On second worlds and their function for first worlds
[Link] The Artist’s Voice: Kevin Beasley in Conversation with Lumi Tan
[Link] Sunday Salon Lecture- Thomas Nozkowski, Feb 2015
[Link] Stanley Whitney – Painter
[Link] The Un-Private Collection: Jeff Koons and John Waters
[Link] Salon | Art History Today | Florine Stettheimer (1871 — 1944)
[Link] Strangers to Ourselves – Professor Rebecca Fortnum
[Link] THIS NEW FEELING: Metamodernism | Robin van den Akker
[Link] SC Conversations: Sexing Sculpture
[Link] Seán Scully in conversation. Figure/Abstract at Crawford Art Gallery
[Link] Is Comedy Art? | Hangout on Air
[Link] Isabelle Graw: The Economy of Painting
[Link] Luc Tuymans. Image Theory and Artwork. 2015
[Link] Graham Harman: Objects and the Arts
[Link] On Fear (war machine and threat) – lecture by Pavel Büchler

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[Link] Lux Online
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[Link] Contemporary Art Daily
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